For decades, Sister Cities International has leveraged the power that art has to transform societies and transcend cultural boundaries through the Young Artists and Authors Showcase, or YAAS. The Showcase has given youth worldwide the opportunity to express their vision for a more unified, peaceful world through original art and literature.

This year, our students were able to showcase their passion and perspective by portraying their artwork under the theme, “United in Hope”.

Sister Cities International aims to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time. The COVID-19 pandemic is a unique phenomenon in that it has affected every country around the globe. However, hope shines through for those who persevere. Hope is a uniting force during this time as people struggle to cope with its ongoing effects.

We had an outstanding number of participants this year, receiving the greatest number of submissions we have had in the history of the YAAS program. There are 280 unique and inspiring artworks under the categories of illustration, photography, prose, poetry, original music, and reinterpreted music.

See our showcase below to see the perspective of many youths looking through the lens of citizen diplomacy.

Artists Showcase

Photographers Showcase

Authors Showcase

Poets Showcase

Musicians Showcase (Original)

Musicians Showcase (Reinterpreted)